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Why do my grape tomatoes have dimples?

Dimple Grape Tomato

Because they’re so sweet!

Red Sun Farms prides itself in being a leader in quality and flavor, with all our products. Each variety is hand selected for its unique characteristics, like our grape tomatoes which are known for being deliciously sweet, flavorful, and juicy.

Like a small amount of the human population our grape tomatoes have dimples! However, these dimples serve a purpose!

The grapes are bursting with flavor! And because of that, these tomatoes have naturally developed dimples containing the explosion of juiciness and ensuring that they don’t split.

How sweet are they?

The sweetness of a tomato is determined using a Brix scale, which measures their natural sugar level. Look below to see how they compare to other tomato varieties!

Brix scale

Try them yourself and taste one of the juiciest snacking tomatoes!

Grape Tomatoes
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